Notions and Directions{Leadership} of LOT - Coaching.

The notion LOT-Coaching can be associated with the anchor during the trip of the ship to recognize the low funds and reefs of the waters. Equally LOT-Coaching can investigate the low funds of the subconscious of the human being and the relation of the theoretical knowledge and the psychological map of a man. Ej. The deep Psychology of Sigmund Freud, someone can look with the help of LOT - for Coaching his place in the subconscious, under the Water flower.

With this it is possible to test the transmitted sense and to suggest that we go to an unknown region.

For what it is possible to achieve a contact with the interior of the human being in an area of access, to detect down of the surface of the water the reefs and invisible and like that rocks to avoid them.

On the like that water flower, in the field of our rational and cognitive conscience, LOT-Coaching provokes an expansion that makes the visibility of our horizon possible.

The LOT that bases on Hypno-Coaching forms the same time a base for it, Dr. Bader has developed this one on the base of his experience in the training, bearing in mind the different psychological procedures and psicoterapéuticos and the wide system of the theory of Hypno-Coaching. Between others they have been faced his evaluation of the experiences of the psychotherapy and the surest mental skills{technologies}. The LOT Hypno-Coaching can apply oneself towards all directions{leadership} with different ends{purposes}: corporal or affective or mentally intellectual references.

What this LOT in conditions to influence positively in the life of the men .El Dr. Bader was using it, at first, helped friends and acquaintances that had problems, since with the skill{technology} big successes could be obtained, it was decided to make the LOT come to an accessible, like that public the ofrece didactic courses, from 2005, in the University of Karlsruhe and them they are glad about his popularity.


Dr. Bader has experienced the efficacy of LOT and for a long time it has a fuller life and obtains easier the ends{purposes} that are proposed for if same.


The English concept of ¨Coach ¨ comes originally from the name of a people{village} in Hungary called Kocsi Szeker. There the horses were particularly beautiful calling them the cars of Kocs ¨ they were made in the XVth century. Then this form was transforming into the short form ¨kosci ¨. In the XVIth century the word ¨kosci ¨ was appearing in the cultural European language, in German as{like} ¨coche of horses ¨ (chariot), in French as{like} car, in Italian as{like} ¨cocci ¨, Pole as{like} ¨kocz ¨, flamenco as{like} ¨goetze ¨, in Swedish as{like} ¨kush ¨.

From 1556 this notion found the entry in the use of the English language as{like} ¨Coach ¨.

Then making to start the chariot is to be accustomed to a horse to pulling a car, ¨to coach to horse ¨. Approximately from 1579 the notion ¨coach ¨ or ¨coachman ¨ was also the person who was guiding and was taking care to the horses.